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WHS is compulsory!

The new Australia wide legislation will bring with it on the spot penalties starting at $6,000 for businesses unable to prove a ‘live’ approach to managing their WHS.

This new ‘speed camera’ approach by the Government will have severe consequences for businesses who avoid addressing their WHS.




  • Yes you get complete support. You are appointed a professionally trained Support Representative to work in with you. Their role is to send you what you need to do every month and yes; they even do the data entry for you. Your Support Rep completes about 90% of all the work necessary for you to prove a ‘live’ approach to managing your WHS.

  • Yes you will comply. Monit is already fully compliant with National WHS Legislation (National Harmonisation) that's been adopted by most states.

  • Yes you can measure how you are going. Monit is an internet based program which measures by percentage each month how well you are complying with WHS laws.

  • Yes you can insure against fines. Monit customers become eligible to join a world first insurance policy (Statutory Liability Insurance) to cover the legal entity, directors, officer in effective control and all workers against WHS legal fees and fines.
  • Yes Monit organises your information. Monit gathers information and stores it over time so that when the need arises you can produce enough evidence to satisfy the regulators you are conducting a ‘live’ approach to managing your WHS.


WHS is a mandatory statutory duty!

 The Estate Agents Act 1980 clearly states:

it is a serious offence….(abbreviated)…..any action that is inconsistent with the statutory duties of a licensee or officer in effective control.


Remember, if you don’t want to do anything the regulators do!


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