Safety Software - Monit's Features and Benefits

Almost all WHS products and services have features but your Monit system is loaded with them.

One of the main features of the Monit system is the ability to use your mobile device to address all your WHS requirements

  • The Monit system is able to calculate the percentage of unnecessary risks that your company is carrying, and from that information we can work out a rate at which you would like to reduce these unnecessary risks. This will enable you to see your progress of risk reduction on a monthly basis.

  • The Monit system is a ‘Live WHS’ system, meaning a trained Support Representative will be assigned to your account to work with you in achieving the monthly tasks on a short checklist, which are sent to your company every month.

  • The Support Representative is responsible for all the data entry into the Monit system, which enables them to assign the necessary tasks each month in the form of checklist. This eliminates the time you spend thinking about “what should we be doing” to comply with the new WHS laws.

  • The Support Representative will also be in contact with your company to chase up any missing reports from the previous month, and to deal with any other outstanding issues.

  • Monit has national partnerships with various suppliers, and a flyer about these companies will go out to you when a reminder is raised e.g.. a reminder to have your equipment tested and tagged will generate a flyer for a company that is able to perform that task.

  • An exclusive insurance policy is available to Monit customers. This policy covers legal costs incurred by WHS prosecutions including fines should they be levied. The annual cost of this policy is approximately 30% less than an equivalent ‘off the street’ policy.


Monit PLUS for those wanting more. This is an extra service provided by Monit but without the expense you would expect to pay. Monit can supply WHS professionals and experts with the right qualifications to match any situation.



Monit knows there are businesses looking for something more than a DIY system to handle their WHS obligations. We also know that the cost of hiring a consultant precludes most others so Monit has deliberately positioned itself between the two. The chart below gives an idea of the difference between each alternative.






















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