Announcing a Breakthrough in WHS Compliance - Monit

Monit is a safety management system, with a real person dedicated to your company who manages all of your company’s WHS data - ONLINE.
You (or your delegated staff member) are provided with a monthly “to-do” checklist, and the results of your actions are recorded online every month for ongoing Workcover/WorkSafe compliance. You can produce updated reports for management and/or Workcover at any time.

Safety Management System This document will reward the few short minutes you take to absorb it.

The Monit system is fully compliant with each state and territory’s WHS legislation, and is updated regularly to accommodate any changes in WHS laws for your peace of mind.
The Monit safety management system is fully compliant with the new National Work Health & Safety Regulations and legislation (Harmonisation), which became effective in most states in 2012. Monit fulfils your requirement to demonstrate a “live WHS system” under this legislation.
The system is currently in operation in a wide range of small to medium sized businesses, who are successfully using it to comply with the requirements of the WHS law. See some examples here.
It is a proven and robust system based on best safety management practises tailored to your industry.
It evaluates your risk exposure, and provides your company with regular step-by-step instructions each month which are based on your industry to reduce your risk.
Businesses who use the Monit system can qualify for a specialised insurance coverThis exclusive insurance policy covers any exposure to Statutory Liability fines, (WHS, EPA & Fair Work Australia) and also includes a Directors and Officers Liability component.
The Monit WHS management system is well priced and businesses subscribing to this unique safety management system can be up and running within days.
A premium service called Monit PLUS is available to customers using the Monit system on a fee-for-service basis. This service has access to the profession’s best WHS consultants, who will be able to advise businesses on their statutory liabilities and specific requirements.


Challenge us with your specific requirements and see how easily WHS compliance can be achieved for YOUR business.


Safety Management System