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Safety Management System Testimonial - Woollard Auto Body Works


Woollards Auto Body Works
Notice his reference to improved processes.
A solid WHS management system that is LIVE more often than not achieves  productivity improvements. Saving far more indirect costs than Monit's small monthly investment...








Honan Insurance Brokers
With regard to the Monit System, Honan has been the broker on this program since 2009.  Since this date we have only experienced two notifications and the insurer's have made no payments.   
       This is a true testament that the monitoring system works as it offers the client's a risk management system which helps reduce the chances of  an incident occurring, therefore reducing the chances of a claim under this policy. Hence why we are able to obtain such low premiums for this cover.


Nicole Marson
Account Executive, Honan Insurance Group Pty Ltd





















Staycool Heating and Air Conditioning Pty Ltd 

My name is Keith Niven from Staycool Heating and Air Conditioning Pty Ltd of Hallam in Victoria.

Back in June 2011 we were having a few problems with our safety system as it was not quite up to scratch in a number of areas and we were also having a bit of an issue with onsite procedures.

       We called Monit and one of their consultants came out and explained in simple terms what we needed to do to comply with the WHS laws and how the Monit system would satisfy this requirement. The consultant carried out an installation or a walk around” to see where we were situated with regard to the fundamentals of a robust a safety system, this involved answering a number of questions ranging from management to 1st aid kits to forklifts and everything in between. Since that date we have been sent a monthly list of tasks that we must complete and by doing this our risk percentage is continually dropping. This will continue as this demonstrates that we are using a live WHS system.

      Having the Monit system in place has demonstrated to us that complying with the safety laws does not have to be hard work as its just an ongoing process. Even our staff has become more proactive about safety in the work place and are certainly pleased that our Management have taken the Monit system on board. In fact, one of the main companies that we supply our services to were a little concerned about our safety methods and the lack of a systematic approach. Now, this company is more than happy with what we are doing and wish that some of their other suppliers would do the same.

      Having this system in place has actually given us a bit of a marketing advantage as the companies we deal with would rather have safe suppliers on their books compared to those that are not. I would certainly recommend the Monit system to any business that want a straight forward, easy system with full back up support and a reduction in the paperwork normally associated with staying compliant.




Keith Niven

Senior Administration Officer


Safety Management System