City Services incident rap sheet

Feb 11 2019

  - A member of the public was locked inside the Mitchell tip after it closed.

 - A worker mowing grass was hit by another lawnmower and thrown from the machine.
 - An employee cut their wrist with a chainsaw while removing a tree, requiring hospitalisation.
 - A City Services contractor ran over a fellow employee who was picking up litter on the side of the road when he was supposed to be looking out for them, but instead was using his phone behind the wheel.
 - The May 2018 accident was one of a litany of workplace safety incidents reported to Transport Canberra and City Services.
 - Bus driver stabbed with a syringe by a passenger.
 - Roads ACT contractor receiving an electric shock from a light pole
 - Transport Canberra and City Services employee gets an electric shock from a power board in the directorate's Northbourne Avenue office.
 - A Roads ACT contractor was exposed to potential asbestos in a damaged Telstra pit.
 - A worker was mowing grass in a public area and was thrown from their ride-on mower when another worker crashed into them.
 - A worker was riding a lawnmower when they were hit by a car on a street in Ngunnawal, rupturing the mower's fuel tank, after the car attempted to overtake.
 - Due to the crash, all new mowers were fitted with equipment to make them more visible to passing drivers, and officer training was updated.
 - A worker was taken to hospital and required multiple stitches after cutting their wrist with a chainsaw while removing a tree.
 - Two Domestic Animal Services workers were bitten by dogs, resulting in one worker being taken to hospital, while the other suffered a punctured left hand.
"An increase in the number of incidents lodged is a reflection of Transport Canberra and City Services workers being better educated on the requirement to report all incidents, near misses and hazardous situations," the spokeswoman said.
"Incident reports provide us with valuable information about the activities our workers undertake and which of those activities cause harm."
"Ensuring the safety of our employees and the citizens of Canberra is a high priority for [the directorate]," the spokeswoman said.
Source: The Canberra Times

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