Monit's History

In 2001 a veteran tradesman was carrying his fair share of aches and pains resulting from working in his industry. Although he constantly heard a lot about workplace health & safety (WHS) he saw nothing which came close to developing a safe culture. This compelled him to do something, so he invented and patented a unique WHS service.

 In 2002, with nothing more than a bold idea and $200 in his pocket he set out to make a ‘real difference’. No sooner had the venture started when the first of many obstacles was encountered; the technology needed to complete the software wasn't’t available and wouldn't’t be for another 3 years.

 By 2006 he had identified two things, do it yourself WHS systems don’t work and personal contact with customers was imperative. The methodology was changed to include Support Representatives and Monit went from a software company to a monitoring company.

 In 2011 Monit realised, with its growth potential and core value of systemising everything, it was a perfect combination for a franchise system. Monit is the first and only franchise in Australia offering WHS support. Today there are franchisees all over Australia and that $200 investment has grown into an international business responsible for 1000's of workers’ health & safety.

 Being a fanatic for research & development he now enjoys nothing more than being in the lab producing new and exciting products to compliment your business. You should see what’s earmarked for the future, it’s simply breathtaking.