About Monit

If you’re a Small to Medium size Enterprise (SME) we understand the difficulty in keeping up with your legal obligations. However as we've seen many times in our own lives, when our world is faced with a problem there's always someone working on an answer. GST was answered by software bookkeeping products such as MYOB, the difficulty of working with DOS was answered by Windows, mobile communication by Motorola and now WHS by Monit.

Safety Management System

The first product Monit sold was to a Victorian panel beating business and since then Monit has progressed into many different industries throughout Australia and overseas, including the following:

Air Conditioning Installations Events Hire Medical Practises Residential College
Auto Electrical Farming Dairy Medical Products Resource Management
Automotive Glass  Farming Livestock Medical Super Clinics Retail General
Bin Cleaning Farming Market Garden Mobile Dog Wash  Retail Golf
Butcher Shop Fertiliser Mobile Events Retail Paint 
Car Dealer Fibre Optics installations Mowing Retail Plumbing 
Car Dealer with Panel Football Club Office Retirement Village
Caravan Park Forklift Office (Serviced) Secondary School
Cleaning Golf Clubhouse Office (With off site work) Shed Instals
Community Health Golf Grounds On-site computers repairs Skip Bins
Concreting Greyhound Racing Paint Reseller Supermarket
Container Fumigation Hairdressing Panel Towing
Contractors Hydraulic Servicing Panel Towing Tyre Store
Contractors Commercial Laundry Pest Control Warehousing
Contractors Property Maintenance Manufacturing Primary Health Care Wrecking Yard
Contractors Roofing Manufacturing Fibreglass Primary School  
Cool Store Manufacturing General Printing  
Corporate Health Manufacturing Machinery Pubs & Clubs  
Dental Mechanical Racing  
Engineering Mechanical (Roadside) Real Estate  


That first company along with many more companies since are still using the Monit system today in order to meet their mandatory legal requirements.

Your industry not listed above? There's no industry we cannot apply the Monit system to.

Ask us how we can apply a Workplace Health and Safety plan to your business!