FAQ's -


Q: What's the difference between OHS & WHS?
A: OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) & WHS (Workplace Health & Safety) are the same. WHS is a just a more modern terminology.
Q: What if I lose my Monit icon on my desktop?
A: Simply send an email to it@monit.com.au and we will give you a new one.
Q: Can I put Monit on more than one computer?
A: Yes you can put the Monit icon on as many computers as you like. All you need is your username and password.
Q: Can I enter data into my Checklist?
A: No. This is locked to protect you against placing an incorrect answer against a question.
Q: Do volunteer staff need to be inducted?
A: Yes. All workers including volunteers and contractors need to be inducted into your business.
Q: Can I insure against WHS fines?
A: Yes. To find out more information call Monit on 1300 65 1177 for details.
Q: Where can I get information about a WHS question?
A: Your first preference should always be your franchisee. Their contact details are at the top of each Checklist form sent to you each month. You can also call Monit on 1300 65 1177 for support.
Q: Why has my % of Unnecessary Risk increased?
A: The Workplace Health & Safety Act states that a business must be actively engaged in safety in their workplace. It is not good enough to address health & safety responsibilities a few times a year. For that reason Monit has given all questions a shelf live that must be answered again and again.
Q: How does Monit work?
A: View the video here